Skybuffer Simple Communication Add-on road map highlights innovations and provides a robust planning horizon in order to refine the workflow digital simplification journey of communication processes.

Solution road map covers both innovations designed by Skybuffer team and our Clients’ requirements for Skybuffer SAP Solutions.

Skybuffer Simple Communication Add-on development is ongoing on a parallel track for two SAP application components:

  • SAP Business Suite / SAP S/4HANA
  • SAP Solution Manager 7.2

The core functionality is developed alongside with SAP Business Suite / S/4HANA workstream and used in SAP Solution Manager development workstream to adjust Simple Communication Add-on functionality to Solution Manager 7.2 set of processes and functional libraries.

Should you fail to find a necessary feature in open releases, please do not hesitate to contact our development team by using an online contact form  on our web site.

Please consider that it is a live road map that is connected with Skybuffer products development system in real time.




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