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STEP #1: An employee is working in the office. It is the end of the month so she needs to send notifications to customers – payment reminders and so on.

STEP #2: The employee has to find all the necessary details on every customer manually. So she searches for names, addresses, etc. She inputs transaction in SAP GUI and prints out all the emails. Piles of papers appear on her desk and they keep growing. The employee looks stressed and worn out.

STEP #3: A Skybuffer consultant approaches her desk eager to know what she has been doing that long. The employee explains everything. The consultant promises to help her. He thinks YCA1 Skybuffer Simple Communication SAP add-on will solve this problem.

STEP #4: Next month there comes the time for the employee to send notifications to the customers again. This time the employee looks fresh and happy as she uses YCA1 Skybuffer Simple Communication SAP add-on which sends automatic notifications according to the customized settings. She just inputs transaction in SAP GUI and emails fly away to the Customers.

STEP #5: YCA1 Skybuffer Simple Communication SAP add-on makes it possible to automate notifications sending, save time and avoid mistakes.

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