/SKYBFR/YCA1 :: Sales Order Delivery Details

 In Simple Communication SAP Add-on Business Cases

STEP #1: An employee is creating a purchase order. He provides all the necessary information in the order form.

STEP #2: The completed order form is sent to the manager for approval.

STEP #3: The manager is somewhere out visiting the manufacturing plant. He receives an email generated by YCA1 Skybuffer Simple Communication SAP add-on.

STEP #4: The manager is checking the order information. He is to approve or reject it, he may introduce some amendments as well. There is an option here to add some elements of control allowing changing the delivery address or the delivery date.

STEP #5: The manager chooses to change the delivery date. He fills in a reply form. This can be done in the email client itself as emails have active buttons. This option can be customized so that the manager can make corrections himself without having other people engaged. Additionally, this mail contains some information about the terms within which the delivery date and address can be changed.

STEP #6: The manager receives a notification about the delivery date change in no time. He can check all the modifications made and if everything suits him, he approves the order form.

STEP #7: Both the employee and the manager are happy to be using such a convenient and efficient YCA1 Skybuffer Simple Communication SAP add-on which makes it possible to change delivery dates and/or addresses automatically without the need to employ any additional labour resources.

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