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 In Simple Communication SAP Add-on Business Cases

STEP #1: Two teams are having negotiations, the Oil Pipe Maintenance Providers and the Customers. The Customers seem to be interested in the offered services and would like to order them. For this they have to follow a usual procurement procedure. They create Purchase Requisitions SAP GUI and send their order for approval.

STEP #2: Some time later the Consultant calls the Customer asking if there has been any update on their service procurement process.

STEP #3: The Customer checks the situation and finds out that the order is still on approval. She is going to hold a meeting on this issue and get into the case. So this whole process has to be effected “manually”, that is, the Parties call each other, gather meetings, discuss, make decisions, call back, etc.

STEP #4: When the Parties finally meet again to sign a contract, they decide to use Skybuffer add-on next time to simplify the process.

STEP #5: Some time passes, and these companies meet again to conclude another contract for providing more services. This time they have YCA1 Skybuffer Simple Communication add-on implemented and things look completely different. The whole process is optimized: they don’t have to wait for people to come to their premises and negotiate, they don’t have to clarify approval process status. A manager who is responsible for the approval process gets an email and sees all the data required to make a decision. So he can approve the process being even out of the office and leave his comment if he wishes. All this can be done by pressing one button.

STEP #6: The contracting Parties receive this reply straight away still being at the negotiating desk. They are happy to get approval so fast thanks to YCA1 Skybuffer Simple Communication add-on.

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