/SKYBFR/YCA1 :: Building Access SAP Workflow

 In Simple Communication SAP Add-on Business Cases

STEP #1: An external consultant arrives to a client’s premises.

STEP #2: The external consultant tries using his security card to get into the office area for a meeting, but he is denied all access.

STEP #3: The external consultant creates a Building Access Request in Fiori APP for one-week period and Skybuffer communication SAP add-on sends an email to a manager concerned.

STEP #4: The manager who is currently out of the office gets a Building Access Request by email.

STEP #5: The manager approves the access for one-week period to the requested office premises. Skybuffer communication SAP add-on recognizes the approval action from the manager and automatically processes the access approval directly in the SAP system.

STEP #6: The external consultant gets an immediate response from the SAP system that his access is approved.

STEP #7: The external consultant is trying to open the door again using his security card and now he is granted access.

STEP #8: The external consultant is happy to see Skybuffer simple communication SAP add-on help him save time and avoid unnecessary bureaucracy.

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